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August 2018

Group Fitness Classes


Gulf Breeze Aerobics & 24 hr Fitness

1147 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze 850-934-0335 email:
Staffed hours effective 1/22: M-Th 8am-6pm, Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 7:30am-12pm, Sun no staff
Child care hours: M-F 7:45am-12pm & 4-7pm, Sat 8am-12pm, Sun closed

30/30 — 30 minutes of varying cardio drills using steps, heavy bags and the floor – guaranteed to make you sweat without making your brain hurt. 30 minutes of strength and flexibility training with dumbbells, tubing, and other equipment. You can attend the first half, second half, or stay for the hour.

Barbell Strength — This strength training weight class uses adjustable barbell sets to provide a heavier resistance and a total body workout!

Body Chisel — High intensity cardio, strength training and core moves that will tone muscle and chisel away body fat.

Cardio, Core, & More – This is a high intensity cardio class that changes formats each week (kickboxing, step, circuit, interval training). Strength and core training are included to help rev up your metabolism for maximum calorie burn!

Cardio Express – High energy step fitness, which delivers high intensity cardio.

Core Crush — 15 minutes of challenging core exercises for your abs, back, and obliques.

Cycle – A high energy cardio class using stationary bikes and various cardiovascular training methods (intervals, sustained, hills, etc.).

Cycle HIIT – 30 min of intense interval training in the spin room followed by 30 min of strength training in the fitness room makes a total body workout.

Functional Strength — Improve your functional strength (strength we use for the activities of daily life and sports) through weight-baring exercises and movements.

HIIT — High Intensity Interval Training. This is a challenging cardiovascular/strength workout that will take your fitness to the next level.

Let It Move You — The energy and music will help you move to a new level of cardio/strength fitness. Various cardio formats will be used in each class to keep your body challenged. Elements of strength, stability, and balance will also be included.

Muscle Max – An exceptional way to challenge your muscular strength and endurance. This weighted workout focuses on every major muscle group to strengthen and tone.

Pilates Fusion
— An isometric strength training method, using your own body weight as resistance, and stretching between segments, utilizing techniques from Pilates, yoga, and ballet. The goal is to create long, lean muscles and a toned body.

Pilates w/props – This is a mat class where we practice the fundamentals of Pilates with the use of several different props. This method creates a unique and diverse class focused on core strength, joint stability, flexibility and toning to create long, lean, supple muscles. We will have fun and never get bored while nourishing your body, mind and spirit!

PiYo — If yoga makes you yawn, PiYo will make you strong! Be a yoga rebel with PiYo Strength®. It’s a unique core-strengthening workout inspired by yoga and Pilates. With upbeat music and a constant flow of moves, it’s a rhythmic, dynamic, and intense workout designed to build strength and flexibility

Spin to the Beat – One hour of heart pounding, music thumping Cycling.

Strength Express – 20 min of resistance training using various equipment. We will focus on working 4-6 muscle groups each week

Use It or Lose It – A low impact class that focuses on increasing muscular strength, endurance, balance, coordination, and flexibility.

Vicious Cycle – No pun intended! A hard-core spin class that will constantly change its format from one class to the next to either include endurance, strength, interval rides, or race days.

Yoga – Integrates postures, poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques to harmonize mind and body.

Zumba – A FUN, high-energy, dance fitness workout. Join the Party!